Rahul Pandey

Things I love to use

June 20, 2022 | 1 Minute Read

In no particular order.

This post is not a product recco. These may not be the best in their line but they are good enough for me to drastically improve the quality of my life. I use most of them on almost a daily basis (most of them).

  1. Apple/Google Pay - you can forget your wallet but not your phone. We need a world without keys and wallets.
  2. A note taking app - my brain dump. Any app that you are comfortable with is okay to use.
  3. Quality TWS - currently by Nothing - for those handsfree calls and podcasts. Decent noise cancellation.
  4. Todo app - any would do. Our minds are made for creation not for remembering things.
  5. Standing desk - it’s good for the back
  6. Slim Wallet - attaches to my phone and it’s do jism ek jaan. Carries upto two cards which is more than enough for day to day activities given I don’t use any cards. Comes with a magnet so that it works without a magsafe phone case.
  7. YouTube - duh! One of the best inventions if used correctly.
  8. My phone - spend most of my waking hours on it. One of the best inventions if used correctly.
  9. Russel Hobbs blender - easiest way to create smoothies and get in nutrients and calories.
  10. lichess.org - duh! always up for a game of chess.
  11. What do you think I should include here?

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