Rahul Pandey

The Day we scraped Google!

April 12, 2014 | 1 Minute Read

It all began when my (very dear but straight! :P ) friend Vivek contacted me and said that he needed my help in figuring out how to scrape data from Google Politics & Elections Page (GPE). His idea was to show a user’s constituency (and other details) afer they text their pincode in the format [@MyNeta 400001] without brackets where 400001 is the pincode, and sms it to 51115. And he wanted to use GPE for the data source. Basically, he wanted to bring data from the GPE webpage to sms and help more people.

Google Politics & Elections Page

Once I figured it out, I sent him the steps and code and he implemented it. As he hasn’t yet opensourced the code, I cant say how I did it but it is not hard to find the steps once you have figured them out (:P). Try it right now. And do not forget to check the application that Vivek developed here or you can even try it out through sms.

In all, I really enjoyed that hour or so. :D