Rahul Pandey

The nobodys of the world

January 16, 2022 | 2 Minute Read


  • There are people who won’t stop about hustling and finding meaning to life and work and doing meaningful things.
  • That makes most feel bad
  • There are people who do nothing their entire lives or after they retire.
  • These are nobodys. They make others somebodys.
  • Many don’t have means to do meaningful. (Some do fight these odds. They are extremely lucky and along with their talents are outliers. Cant talk about the rest like that.)
  • So get up, go to your boring work, do daily menial chores, spend time with your loved ones, grow old and die. It’s okay to be a nobody.

Full text:

We are surrounded by hustlers and life motivators. All of them, in some way, talking about how to not let your life go to waste. How not be become a nobody in the 13 billion year old universe or the three hundred thousand year history of humans!! (Absurd!)

That retired father who is going back to college to study law or the grandmother who has started a business. They did what brought meaning to them but others advertise that differently.

We think little of people who spend their day doing nothing. Who “waste” their lives on social media, YouTube, movies, daily soaps, etc. and carry on with their boring jobs.

Many even do not have the means/privilege to pursue their inner calling. They are just surviving. Yes some talents manage to defy odds but they are lucky and outliers.

Guess what? Most us will be nobodys in history. And even the greatest of us don’t control how will they be treated. Alexander The Great is more famous than the person who discovered that washing hands is important to kill viruses saving (many?) millions of lives and counting. Alexander is Great because there have been billions of nobodys who couldn’t conquer the world. Nobodys make somebodys, somebodys.

Every person that has lived is a success for life and evolution. Even if that person did nothing “worthy” in their life. We need to stop looking down on such people. Most of the life is inefficient. Most of the humans do nothing in the grand scheme of things. Just keep the cycle of life moving. The purpose of life is to carry on, to exist.

At the end of the day, everyone of us is living in this materialistic dystopia. There is no escape. So get up, go to your boring work, do daily menial chores, spend time with your loved ones, grow old and die. It’s okay to be a nobody.

Nothing against motivators and gurus. They are doing what they find meaning in. And legit inspire and help people find meaning and doing great stuff.

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