Rahul Pandey

My Ideal desk setup

January 22, 2023 | 2 Minute Read

This post is the first of my ideal things series. More to follow in future. This is a low-effort post and I have rambled, feel free to not read.

One of the things that we don’t realise is that we don’t have to be rich in order to live the life that we want to live. At least that is true for most of us. If you aren’t most of us then sorry for ending up on the wrong side. Make a list of things that you would want to have to live a life you want to live and you’d realise that you don’t need much. Check out my ideal desk setup for example.

Template for ideal :

  • Use cases
  • any aesthetic wishes
  • list of things that would achieve the above
  • prioritise the important ones
  • start buying
  • revisit

My use cases for my desk:

  • write code
  • write a post like this (sorry for putting you, the reader, in misery)
  • Video Calls
  • browsing the internet

I would want my desk to help me achieve the above, after spending reasonable or a little above reasonable amount of money. My focus would be on quality and if needed redundancy.

Here’s the list. It would be the same at home and at work:

  • dual monitors or one large curved display
  • KVM switch to switch between devices
  • MX master mouse
  • US layout mechanical keyboard (red or brown keys) (i am tired of the bad quality of keyboards out there and would like to finally settle on a mechanical one. Right now my eyes are set on Keychron K10
  • Good quality mic
  • Good quality webcam
  • ANC headphones (Sony WX 1000 M4)
  • lamp
  • decent non-expensive external speakers (home only)
  • notepad and pen
  • external HDD (not SSD) for backup. Encrypted. x2 redundancy to be fault and failure tolerant
  • printer for photos and paperwork (home only)
  • straw bottle for water
  • no cables visible
  • Herman Miller chair
  • standing desk

As you can see not all items need to be expensive. Some are expensive (like Herman Miller) but they provide comfort. There is no max spec Mac or Montblanc pen or a Canon camera for a webcam. No fancy LEDs. Of course, it is an expensive setup and I would not have all the items ever but this is a good start to creating a desk that I would be comfortable working at. Many things would last forever so I could spend over years and have a setup that I would love.

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