Rahul Pandey

I got viral on Linkedin

July 03, 2022 | 1 Minute Read

I had made a satirical post on linked on my problems with filing of Income tax returns. I was more of a what I want as a customer of the Income tax department. And it got viral!! (As of 2022-07-03 it has 1.2 million views!). I got some criticising comments as well, and I replied to some of them. So do checkout the post. Original link

In future (read: most likely never) I will try to expand on my idea to try to address the questions asked in the comments and even provide some concrete solutions as I have come up with some.

The Income tax dept has my PAN,
The Govt of India has my PAN,
My bank has my PAN,
My employer has my PAN,
My stock broker has my PAN,
My MF guy has my PAN,
My Insurance provider has my PAN,
Neha from ClearTax has my PAN,
The watchman of my building has my PAN,
The concerned bank employee working from Jamtara has my PAN,
Chinese hackers have may PAN,
The FBI have my PAN,
The entire Universe has my PAN.

Yet, I have to file my income tax. Why can’t they talk amongst themselves and sort it out.

I have to make sure that I have paid the right tax else I am bound to face legal consequences.

There should not be any need for filing tax returns. It should happen by default. We should only need to check and correct them. Not tell them things they already know.

Make taxation easy for all. #Fintech in India would have truly innovated when we won’t have to file returns. No deadlines. No penalties.

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