Rahul Pandey

How I pranked my friends with a simple Python script

May 08, 2014 | 0 Minute Read

The Story

A friend and I were just ‘hmm’ing in Facebook messages and then out of the blue (yeah, let’s make it more dramatic!) they wrote ‘hmm’ on my wall. I thought this is now going to escalate. I thought of automating my ‘hmm’ comments and quickly switched on my laptop. While i was manually ‘hmm’ing, I wrote a python script to comment ‘hmm’ every 1 min and executed it.

Few other friends joined in and I saw my script doing its magic. I made an improvement – the script would comment only if someone else had commented.

In all, it was very fun. I felt like I was working on a deadline. :P

The Apology

Dear friends, sorry for pranking on you but all of it was for the sake of computer science. _/\_

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