Rahul Pandey

Browser extensions I use

July 30, 2022 | 1 Minute Read

  • ublick origin - opensource and hence more trustworthy than others.
  • Consent-O-Matic - gets rids of the cookie popups. Works on many websites.
  • Epoch converter - comes in handy when you want to convert times.
  • Fox Clocks - easy to see what time it is for your colleagues
  • Video Speed Controller - play videos faster, rarely comes in handy.
  • Wikipedia on Top - first entry in google search is wikipedia
  • Grammarly - duh!
  • Honey - coupons never work but price tracker is something I would like to have.
  • One tab - Used to use Great Suspender but it got infected so I use it instead. Rarely though.
  • privacer badger - Built by ESS. worth keeping.
  • redirector - IT changed the Jira’s URL and broke my bookmarks, so using this. Plus also using it to redirect amazon.com to amazon.co.uk, because co.uk is a but tedious to type.
  • foxy proxy - to access different networks over proxy.
  • Alarm, Timer and Stopwatch - I have multiple alarms set so that I don’t lose track of time. The extension is buggy as it can’t decrease the volume of alarms, so I have to get the source from the extensions directory and then copy it out and modify the value from 0.8 to 0.01 and sideloaded it in the browser.
  • Don’t F*** With Paste - so that you can copy-paste passwords on bank websites!!!! Doesn’t work with all bank though.

Let me know what extensions you use?

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