Rahul Pandey

Bangalore Jokes

July 02, 2022 | 1 Minute Read

  • Usain Bolt could run at an average speed of 37.58 km/h*. That is insanely fast compared with the average human speed of 16-24 km/h.
    *In Bangalore Usain Bolt runs at the speed of 14.3 km/h.
  • Speed of light in Bangalore is 3,00,000 km/h.
  • I am aghast that they don’t have a Bangalore edition Super Mario given the number of potholes there.
  • The reason Metro work is slow, is that they know that even metro would get stuck in traffic.
  • There are power cuts in the city because electrons get stuck in traffic.
  • Evolution is faster than Bangalore traffic.
  • Jai would never have been able to stop Aditi at the airport in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na had the story been set in Bangalore.
  • A sloth can easily cross a road in Bangalore.
  • Rent is so high that we will soon have houses on NFT/DeFi. Web3 for the win!!
  • Thappad se dar nahi lagta sahab, Ola Uber karne se lagta hai.
  • People in Bangloare are afraid not of getting cancelled by the internet but by Ola and Uber drivers.
  • If you throw a stone in Bangalore, it either falls on a techie or fills a pothole
  • The reason Bangalore has so many potholes, is that potholes are used for rain water harvesting
  • The reason Bangalore airport is so great is that it is not in Bangalore.
  • Lastly, Royal Challengers Bangalore.

These are just jokes. If this upsets you then share great things about the city. If you have better puns then please share them too. Don’t mean bad intentions. Bangalore is a great city. Love you 3000.

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