Rahul Pandey

Ali Abdaal Jokes

October 16, 2022 | 1 Minute Read

Ali Abdaal is so productive that …

  • whenever his assistant goes on a holiday, Gmail servers go down (because he has to reply to his own mails).
  • he has to change his keyboard every month.
  • the trademark office fears that he might file an application on the word productive.
  • that Google maps want to hire him as he’s solved the travelling salesman problem.
  • he has 72hrs in a day. Go 3x my bios.
  • he uses three computers at a time to be 100% productive
  • that his editors have to slow his videos down to 0.25x speed before uploading.
  • Whenever he uses a website, it’s a DOS attack on the website.
  • Kubernetes was invented for servers to scale up because of him.

  • Ali has not released his book yet so that GRRM doesn’t feel bad about not completing ASOIAF. If the world’s most productive person can’t finish a book in a year then you can definitely chill.
  • Guniess want to give him the record of most productive person but apparently, they are not productive enough by his standards.

Not to be taken seriously.

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