Rahul Pandey

Do we need 10 min delivery?

December 24, 2021 | 1 Minute Read

(I shared this on LinkedIn and it got 6.5k views so I am sharing it here again.)

Internet has been going bonkers over some companies delivering groceries in 10 min. “We don’t need 10 min groceries. We need 10 min ambulances.” Is it really the right thing to say?

No. It’s not.

It means that they are working on making logistics efficient like never before and profitable. I am happy with 10m delivery of medicines, chips, that key ingredient that I forgot to check before I started to cook.

Both are not mutually exclusive. Humans can work on both of them together.

India of 1960s had a space programme. A country that imported wheat to feed its population had a space programme! We don’t stop talking about how the budget for Mangalyan was less than a fictional movie on Mars. How it was cheaper than an autorickshaw per km. ISRO is a pride and we don’t import wheat. We were able to produce food for everyone without sacrificing our space dreams.

Grocery delivery companies are doing their best to provide the best experience to their customers. I would be a terrible CEO/PM if I don’t work on 10m delivery when I am into the business of delivery! And maybe, someone can take inspiration from them and come up with a solution for a 10m ambulance or 10m diagnosis. At least Amazon and Flipkart can try to come up with 10 min delivery for many items.

People are just angry, but not angry enough to ask governments and political parties to fix healthcare infra.

I congratulate the PMs and teams at grofers, Zepto for implementing with this feature. Kudos!

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